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Do you know that we spend almost a third of our lives in a dream? For your sleep to be especially relaxing and your body to recover optimally, you need a good bed. A high-quality mattress that meets your physical needs is just as important as a sturdy bed frame. But your place to sleep should not only be comfortable at the functional level, as the largest furniture in the bedroom. Also, the bed should improve the appearance of the room.

On the official Altrenotti website you can buy a stylish designer bed and a quality mattress quickly and conveniently, and experienced consultants, in just a few minutes, will help you choose the best option.

Italian brand Altrenotti — chic bedroom furniture solutions

The factory for the production of luxury designer furniture Altrenotti took its place of honor in the furniture market in 1930 and since then, every year has been gaining more and more supporters on all continents without exception. And this is not surprising, because the brand is actively developing in a single segment of the furniture market, namely, it creates stylish and practical designer beds and high-quality Italian mattresses of various modifications.

Elite Italian furniture for bedrooms Altrenotti is a unity of good taste, comfort, and practicality. Years of experience and a sense of style help us create only high-quality and stylish models.

You may ask why we are so sure that we are the best in this market segment? Everything is very simple.

  • To create our collections, we use only high-quality, certified materials from the best suppliers: soft, but at the same time dense Italian fabrics (wool and velvet), genuine leather, fine wood, high-quality Italian furniture — all of this consists of our furniture masterpieces.
  • All products of our company, without exception, have an impeccable design, because they combine cutting-edge shapes and ideas along with a favorite of many restrained classics so that our furniture can refresh any interior.
  • In our workshops, innovative technologies go hand in hand with the experience of craftsmen. Only a symbiosis of creativity and the search for new solutions by our designers and the “golden hands” of artisans who pass on secrets from generation to generation can create a real work of modern furniture art.
  • A constant study of fashion trends, developments of the world furniture market with a single goal — the creation of unique and original models that can take their place of honor in the homes of true connoisseurs of quality and style.

Advantages of Altrenotti Furniture

The factory is one of the leading global brands for the production of furniture for bedrooms. And all thanks to the fact that it offers our customers:

  • a huge selection of products of various stylistic orientations — from classics to lofts;
  • products made on the basis of developments of the best Italian and world designers;
  • the use of heavy-duty, high-quality, environmentally friendly materials;
  • ideal in quality products that conquer the hearts of true connoisseurs at world furniture exhibitions for more than a year.

Buying Altrenotti furniture, you can be sure that our products will last you more than one year while absolutely not losing their appearance and declared characteristics.

The consumer has always been at the center of Altrenotti’s production philosophy: first and foremost, its relaxation, as well as its specific needs, habitat and economic needs.

Therefore, we suggest you familiarize yourself with some tips for buying furniture:

  1. How much free space do you have? It doesn’t matter if you want to completely repair the room or just replace the old piece of furniture with a new one, you need to know the dimensions so as not to get into trouble. Therefore, before you go shopping, it would be nice to measure the room you are furnishing, as well as find out the dimensions of the furniture and the possibility of disassembling it. That is, you need to know that certain furniture can not be divided into parts, so pay attention only to the narrow staircase, non-standard doors and the like, which can cause problems with the furniture.
  2. Estimate your budget before buying furniture.
  3. What are your needs and expectations for new furniture? It depends on your current and future life situation — whether you live alone or with family and children. An important factor is also the knowledge of what is important to you in the first place: comfort, functionality, design, accessibility, ease of maintenance, etc.
  4. Check the quality of the furniture you choose.

Look at the certificate, read the product description and be sure to check with the seller the materials from which your furniture is made. Choose wisely, because investing in quality furniture is the best investment that will give you years of comfort, pleasure, and happiness.

Furniture of the Altrenotti brand is not only stylish and beautiful, but it is also really original, high-quality, luxurious and durable. The combination of modern design with Italian traditions, in the end, gives an excellent result, especially if you choose accessories and lighting fixtures of other equally well-known Italian brands such as Masiero / Masiero chandeliers to complete the composition.

If you want to become the owner of stylish quality, beautiful reliability, you can safely choose Altrenotti furniture — it will not disappoint you.